3- Gun Activities


After listening to a lot of discussion about our sport and the perceived threat on shooting ranges in general.


I am still of the opinion that none of our current Practical shooting range are up to standard to present Practical Rifle matches.  We are also with our current way of course designs not doing any justice to rifle shooting or developing any skill as Practical Rifle shooters.


The skill for rifle shooting is vastly different, or should be, from that of handgun shooting.  Handgun shooting in the true practical sense is about the defensive use of a firearm. For various reasons the rifle can hardly be seen as a defensive weapon.  We can again enter into lengthy but useless discussions about a sport vs. a martial art. (Not really interested).


I am forming this proposal after reading “The Art of The Rifle” by Jeff Cooper and some Musketry training manuals of the SANDF.


We (NGPSA or SAPSA) should abolish our current practice of hosting 3 – Gun matches and start concentrating on the various component matches that the rules provide for.


Instead of hosting the current competition schedule of Handgun and 3- Gun matches, we should host separate matches:


·        Handgun

·        Shotgun

·        Rifle


The biggest change will then be at provincial and national level.


·        4 Handgun

·        4 Shotgun

·        4 Rifle

For a provincial; Level 2 competition schedule, and:


·        1 Handgun

·        1 Rifle

·        1 Shotgun


For a National; Level 3 competition schedule.




Handgun.  With our current way of doing things I can offer no alternatives and are fairly satisfied with our way of designing and preparing stages.


Shotgun  We can most certainly do things a bit different:


·         Include Paper Targets on a regular basis.

·         Include more aerial targets. (Clay Pigeon; Compact sporting clays).

·         Longer Courses of fire (Up to 32 as the rules allow).


Rifle.  We can do it quite a bit differently.


Let us develop our skill at arms as true Practical Riflemen.  I like what the British did before their high power weapons were declared unfit to posses.


 For this we must make a very important/radical mind shift, in that the rifle is in, military/police terms a offensive weapon, this means that the shooting activity is based on the imitative of the marksman, he is thus not reacting on another impulse, (As in the defensive use of the handgun)


I am not for one moment suggesting that we should change into Bisley shooters, we should still use the very same rifles that we are currently using, but only more as rifles and less as handguns.


The suggestion is then to use the “Shooting Tables” that the Military use to test and develop our skill as true riflemen.  In sporting circles, this means the way the Combat rifle is practicing the rifle shooting activity.  Their table calls for shots of up to 300m, and if they can do it maybe, we can.


The more practical solution should be to limit the shooting to only 100m and to add what is called “bush lane” type of field courses.


To accomplish this we will have to make arrangements with the military authorities to use the Classification and Field Ranges.      



This can obviously not be done for 2006 but lets start discussing it and be pro active.


We can test the idea for the NGPSA rifle challenge.