Some interesting comments on the budget and all yes.


But I would just like to comment on some of the “Comments” made.


Yes some people say the SA team that was sent to the last World Shoot did not perform.  Yes guys you might not have been there, it is quite difficult to explain the conditions as well as the way the shoot was run.


1.                  The shoot was held over 6 days and not the normal 5 days as always.

2.                  Yes we only shot half day but alternating morning and afternoon slots with sometimes long periods of wait between stages.

3.                  Travel 2 and from the range was a factor as it took up to depending on what hotel you were staying in 1 hour to get to the range.

4.                  The stage setup was way different to any stages that we have shot in the 2 year leading up to the shoot as well as this was an unpublished shoot un like the previous 2 shoot were most if not all competitors had the shoot months in advance to see what type of shooting to expect.

5.                  As for “Yes we were not there” that is the point is very difficult to make a comment if you were not there, and it is always nice to say in hind site yes the TEAM did not perform.  Looking at a video of the shoot and physically shooting the match can not be compared

6.                  Some stages was shot back to back, i.e. load and get ready for 1 stage, complete the stage reload and get straight on to the other stage and complete that stage. So worst case you mess up stage 1st and then have to without having a breather get straight on to the other stage and complete that stage. Also you were briefed for both stages and were not allowed a walk thru between the stages.

7.                  Something that is also not mentioned is that “Hmm lets see” most of not all the top 15 shooters bar maybe 2 are professional shooters and that is what they do for a living.  So as for the comment that we were not performing I beck to differ, there is no person in SA that can afford and or is sponsored to be a full time shooter.  If the “Not performing Team Members” can go out to the range and shoot out 1000- 2000 round per day the picture might have been quite different.  We all did train the best way we thought that we should prepare for the match.

8.                  The standard of shooting has increased out of the 3 world shoots that I have attended this was technically the most difficult shoot that I have participated, and no I am not saying that the double swingers was technically difficult, a bit silly though because it was pot luck on them.

9.                  Age well what can one say about age, maybe we should go and ask some of the top shooters in the world what they think about age, Tod Jarred, Jojo Vidanes, Saul Kirch!!!

10.              Something else to consider we in the very nice sunny South Africa dont get half the exposure to international matches as we should, but then again that is not for SAPSA to arrange but for the individual as this has a cost implication.


So in closing guys and girls stop "slaging" the team, they when there and did there best, if their best is not good enough for you then "sorry for you", the team was selected to represent SAPSA by the comity.  Just in parting, why is this happening in hind site, why was there no comments made the day the team was announced or any objections raised before the team left for the match.


As always it is “why did they not” and “if I was there I would have”.  So guys leave it be, all this is doing is creating an us and them, the people that were there and the people that did not go.