Rustenburg 3-guns

We will be the first to admit that we do not run our shoot according to IPSC 3-gun shoot format, however, all safety rules obviously apply.

Our philosophy:  Lets make it affordable and not a rich man's sport.  Minimum rounds: 25 rounds shotgun, 60 rounds rifle and 80 rounds pistol.  This will not only make the sport more affordable but also help speed the shoot up.  Many people travel a long way to get to shoots and don't always want to drive for 2 hours, shoot the whole day and then drive back.

In Rustenburg we score all 3 weapons combined and do not separate them for the following reasons:
1. It is easier to score
2. Our concept of a 3-gun shoot should entail the use of 1, 2 or all 3 guns on at least 2 - 3 stages of the match.  We are not trying to find out who are good pistol shooters, rifle shooters or shotgun shooters.  We want to find out how we compete as "All rounders"
3. What happens when the pistol part of the shoot makes up 60% of the scores and rifle and shotgun only make up 40%?  The top pistol shooters have more of a chance to score higher points because they then have a majority points advantage.  If someone is a top class rifle shooter who is only shooting his rifle for 20% of the match, but is not a good pistol or shotgun shooter, he is greater disadvataged as less points are availbale to him to score on.
4. We have also incorporated a Division for the shooters who shoot small calibre carbines, such as Uzis, BXPs, Kommandos,   Lever Actions, Bolt Actions, .30 Carbines etc.  Shooting these weapons is not only more affordable, but provides an extra class for those who are not as competitive in Open or Std Div.
5. Because all 3 guns are scored together, all scoring is Major.  This adds to simplifying the scoring at the end of the day and puts everyone on an equal scoring basis.
6. Anyone with any ports, comp, or scope of any kind on any of his/her 3 guns, shoot in Open division.

We also hold 3 shoots per year, which makes up our National.  You must shoot at least one of the 3 plus the last shoot to qualify for overall year-end prizes.  A log is kept and the participation is open, meaning that we do not classify people into Provinces.  Everyone shoots on an equal standing as one would at an IPSC National.

We try to maintain a high level of standards as far as course design is concerned as well as maintaining a high level of FUN and competitiveness.  Because of the way our shoots are run, final scores are normally produced within half an hour of the last scoresheet being handed in.  

We have been hosting 3-gun shoots in this manner since 1999 and have started to gather quite a following of regular shooters who never miss one of our shoots and who like our format as a refreshing change from the IPSC standards.

We would however, like constructive feedback from those who have shot our shoots.  We are always trying to improve and accomodate all the shooters and vlaue everyones opinion.

Anyone wishing to make any comments can send them to the following address:  or post them to the Soapbox.

Billy Egleton