Hi all 3 gun shooters!!

I would like to thank Phil Lubbe and the other organizers of the SAAF Champs
for an excellent match this past weekend.

Some new things were tried and did actually work quite well. I especially
liked the rifle speed shoots and the shotgun man vs man to end a well
organized competition on a high note.

Just a few ideas for future 3 gun matches:

I think that there should only be two divisions in a 3 gun match:
Open and Standard.

Should any of your guns be equipped with optical sights, you would be
participating in the open division.
All guns standard (or production), and you will be participating in the
standard division.

This thing about shotguns with more than 10 shot mag capacity will have to
be resolved where it either doesn't matter, or it falls in the open

Should a shooter shoot major pistol and minor rifle, this should be scored
as such.

I think that a 3 gun league should consist of at least 5 stages per each
gun. It might not be a bad idea to shoot the match over two days where
shotgun and pistol is shot on a Saturday and rifle on a Sunday. This will
enable us to finish early on a Sunday with enough time left for a braai (and
socializing!) and a price-giving.

Please submit ideas and your opinion on this matter.