In response to the messages from Polla and Christo:

I can not agree to the idea of only TWO divisions; Standard and Open. IPSC instituted the Production class in the hope to attract new members into the sport by providing the competitor with a class where affordable equipment can be used. The rules and regulations to govern this class proved to be a lot more difficult than expected. Everybody wants to modify their equipment to suit their needs, and this is obviously not allowed, causing a lot of heated discussions and confusion.

In my opinion the class is causing the sport more damage than good, as there was not the expected rush to join the sport, only established shooters who changed divisions for their own reasons. Maybe us as sport administrators are not doing enough to attract these potential members?????

I am hopeful that with the correct management, this will be the class into which newcomers can be recruited, and shooters that want to use affordable equipment, and not willing to join the equipment race. Hopefully established shooters from the other divisions, will stay out, as it is them that are looking for a competitive advantage, where there should be none allowed.

This is the class that WE must support and encourage in order to gain new members, especially with the Three Gun competitions in mind. WE must just have the brass balls to enforce the regulations and develop regional regulations to govern the Rifle and Shotgun. In developing these regulations, we must however stay as close as possible to the IPSC regulations.

The rules and regulations for the open class is, as competing with these guns, easy, but very effective and regrettably very enjoyable.

The following are my interpretation of the IPSC regulations, and ideas on how a Standard and Production Rifle and Shotgun should be:


      Power factor: The current set of values for minor and major are to far apart, the ratio must be a lot less than double, as it currently is.

      Compensators: Must be allowed, but of limited design and size and not an integral part of the barrel.

      Sights: Only IRON

      Production run guns only, no prototypes.


      ANY action type

      No restriction on mag capacity

      Restricted to 1320 mm in overall length; measured over the longest dimensions of the gun.

      No speed loaders.

      Porting of barrel, but not adjustable chokes, only iron sights.



     Production run guns only with no modifications and only spares by the original equipment manufacture (OEM).

     No compensator of any design, not even if design and fitted by the OEM. No suppressors, if the gun is a sub machine pistol.

     Only iron sights. No enlargement of the rear aperture or profiling of the front sight.



     Only pump action.

     No speed loader

     Over all length of 1320 mm

     No modifications of any kind

     Production guns only no prototypes

     No porting or adjustable cokes

That the competition structure must be more formalised and developed is very very very much so and a lot of work and ideas are needed before the 2003 shooting season begins.

To have an National at this point in time is in my opinion still premature.

Let the ideas flow and see what comes up.

May all your shots hit the A-ZONE