Regarding the three gun rules on the website:
Open gunners Give your input on rules for Open Division.
Std gunners Give your input on rules for Std Division
Myself, as a standard gun participant, are not too much worried about the Open Gun rules. But come to the Std Gun rules, I would like to give my input and to see that people shooting standard gun have a say in the rules.
According to the IPSC rules (these are the rules that we are said to follow) there is no restriction on shotgun magazine capacity for either Divisions.
They do have a limit on overall shotgun length in Std Division.
According the USPSA's rules there are restrictions regarding magazine capacity in both Divisions.
Question :
Do we follow IPSC rules or USPSA rules???
Should we restrict mag capacity why then worry about restricting the overall shotgun length??
By using the USPSA rules will also lead to the next question:
Why restrict Open to 11 and Std only to 8 ???
Should participants with pump action shotguns be FORCED to shoot in the Standard Division ???
I think we must have a good look at these various restrictions and either ignore them or keep them the same for both Divisions.
(I don't mind the 8 shot restriction in the Std Division, but feel that the Open Division should also be restricted to 8)  
Paul Eksteen.