RE: NGPSA 3gun logs


To : Management


There seem to be a mistake in the Northern Gauteng Log as a non-NGPSA shoot all of a sudden appear as part of the NGPSA logs.


Surely unscheduled, non NGPSA shoots can't be used to determine the "official" NGPSA log.

(I, for one was never informed of this shoot from NGPSA side beforehand)


We held a few shoots here in Limpopo Province recently which can also be included in the NGPSA log, should anything anywhere count nowadays. (I actually performed quite well in them and would welcome some extra 100%ers)

I assume that there will only be one Provincial side during the 3 gun Nationals later the year as well.

Can the guys in Zimbabwe also send their results through to be entered on the NGPSA logs. If not, why not?

Isn't it time that the other Provinces start pulling finger so that this discipline have more of a chance to survive the Gun Free SA onslought? (For those who can't read - if 3 gun die, our semi auto licences die with it)

Or are we all just one big happy Hillbilly family where anything goes ?