Seems to me that either no-one ever looks at our website, reads the comments
made on the website or are just too lazy to reply or participate in
discussions on the website.

I know that not all of us have the time to read and reply to comments on the
website which brings me to another point:

Our Committee.

They are also people with full-time jobs who are MAKING time to organise and
arrange the shoots in which the rest of us participates.

I attended a 3-gun shoot at Rustenburg this week-end (The official NG League
#2). The shoot was not as well organised or on the same standard as our
pistol leagues and quite a number of people (myself included) complained.

What I realised was this:
If we as participants in 3-gun shooting do not do something about this
sport, no one will !
The fact that we only have 3 Leagues this year and no Nationals, is not
going to be solved by someone else.
The fact that 3 gun shooting in SA still hasn't got a sensible structure is
something WE have to do something about.

Back to our Committee:
They can't do everything themselves and we should realise this. Let us as
shooters assist them and make the arrangement and structuring of our shoots
easier by active and constructive partisipation. Not only by attending
organised leagues, but also by rendering our views on our website and
offering assistance when needed.

We spend a lot of money on rifles, pistols and shotguns and should now make
the time to steer this sport in the right direction.

Phil commented on 3 gun tournaments, structures and course design on the
24th of March 2002.
It is not too late to react!!

Please comment on what YOU think we should do or what YOU would like to be
done in future.