This topic has been discussed among shooters and the reactions have been varied.


Two groups seem to have the following opinions;


Those in favour say

1.Set up an 8 round speed shoot at paper targets as a slug stage with only slugs to be used .Optionally and additionally for good measure(excuse the pun) a PP can placed at 40m if desired.


2.This will allow for the scoring of a taget (versus mere knocking down for the same point value)and will make accuracy count a little more.


3.Even though factory slugs are expensive (is anything in our sport classified as cheap) ,a shooter can come to a match prepared with enough slugs to shoot a stage.The option of reloading exists and to my knowledge several shooters do reload for shotgun  


4.The use of slugs may furher practical shotgunning as practised by 3 gunners. 


5. .The rules explicitly make provision for Buck shot,Bird shot and Slug stages respectively.At present all shotgun stages(although not specifically so classified) are bird shot stages due the fact that almost everyone at presnt uses birdshot.


Those reluctant say slugs are expensive


So 3 gun shooters are we going to ask match organisers to allow us a slug stage at the next match ?