Hi Grant,


Just a view comments in reply to Polla.


The two divisions only idea I support fully, there is just not enough competitors at this stage to justify all the extra divisions.


Regarding the other ideas I also have the same sentiments and and think it is time to have a final ruling made on these issues and have it put on paper in a formal document.


The shooting of a 3 gun league on two days have merrit in that more stages would help to get a better overall result but I am afraid that the practical implementation might be a problem in that some people might not have the time for a regular two day shoot.


Finally, a issue that I feel strongly about is the issue of NG 3 gun colors to shooters. We have logs dating back to 2000 thus the merrit issue is covered. I feel that if a shooter has shot once for a team he should qualify for colors as there is basically only one national/shoot per year where we enter teams. The SAAF champs could also be used in this regard.


The positive benefit is obviously the recognition that the shooter receive will motivate him to keep on supporting 3 gun, and other shooters might be drawn into 3 gun to try and get colors. It will also firmly establish 3 gun shooting as a recognised formal shooting sport, which will have positive benefits with future license issues that might and probably will arise.


I have raised this issue several times in  the past with the NGPSA delegates but they do not seem very keen to implement this and I feel that like Polla said this is our sport and we must just get the ball rolling ourselves then.


Lastly, just a word of complements to the organizers of the SAAF champs, it was well done with very enjoyable shoots, especially on the big shotgun stages. 




Christo van Zyl