If this message is sent to an organisation or somebody with an email list of interested people please forward it to you members or friends.  We need volunteers from all over SA and just because you in Poffadder or Uppington does not mean you are excluded.  Both town and regional representation is needed to reach the widest possible number of people.




One of the most exciting opportunities has come our way and for those who have long complained of a lack of a pro-active firearm owners organisation this is your chance to put your effort where your mouth was. 


If you are all talk and no action, you don't really care if your firearms are confiscated or just apathetic read no further.


To make this organisation work we that is the steering committee need volunteers to promote the organisation and canvas members with a view to as soon as possible holding elections to elect working committees to represent the organisation and to continue the work of the organisation in as many regions or towns as possible.


What the members and organisation get is a fully functional office with staff, phones, PC equipment, office equipment, a data base of names and addresses, a website, limited funds, bank account... and a well recognised name.


However all that is not just going to be handed over, we have to show that we are worthy and can take this organisation to the top making it the strongest national organisation in SA.  Only the names of sufficient volunteers willing to do the initial work will show our good intentions.


The organisation will represent firearm owners to the fullest without hesitation.


The organisation will fight and continue to fight unrealistic and repressive legislation that removes rights from firearm owners.


The organisation having sufficient funds will challenge any legislation in court including the constitutional court  


The organisation will promote firearms ownership in the media and counter the propaganda of gun control.


The organisation having sufficient funds will facilitate

research on firearm related matters.


The organisation will attend where possible all meetings that will directly influence firearm ownership


The organisation will constantly lobby government for improved legislation and not stop until realistic firearm legislation is in place.


The organisation will keep in close contact with members by written report and news as well as a email newsletter.  Members can receive help and advice as well a guides to legislation compliance.


The organisation will actively seek partners in challenging legislation and public perceptions.


There is only one paid official position and that is the CEO.  Alex Holmes has indicated his willingness to accept this position but no other terms have been negotiated.


What will a volunteer/s be expected to do.  Increase membership in that area.  Canvass local firearm dealers, local shorts shooting clubs and other venues for members and make sure they have sufficient membership forms. 


Facilitate the first meeting of members of that area to elect a committee. A volunteer must have email to keep in contact and report back.  Any volunteer can have a place on the steering committee and be involved with the initial negotiations, drafting of a constitution and make suggestions on how the organisation should be run.


The organisation needs you if it is ever to get going.  This is not the time to even think somebody else can or will do it because they won't.  If you want an organisation like this then make the effort and volunteer by emailing your details as soon as possible.  This

entire offer has a very limited time limit and will never be repeated so please fill in your details ASAP.


Need more information email me directly.


******************************************************** I would appreciate if those who have already volunteered would again fill in the details so I don't have to email you to find out.  My apology for the inconvenience.



email: pmoss@the-it-guy.co.za

subject: volunteer


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