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To make contact with NGPSA, please contact either the:


NGPSA Administrator

Robyn Evans

079 070 0335


Or the Chairman,

Herman Combrink

082 552 8814


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Upcoming Events


NGPSA Handgun League - 20 / 21 July 2019 - Eeufees

Bianchi - 29 July 2019 - Premier

Steel Challenge - 11 August 2019 - Eeufees

NGPSA Shotgun League - 17 August 2019 - Vektor

NGPSA Handgun League - 24 / 25 August 2019 - Magnum

NGPSA Rifle League - 31 August - Premier


Web Page Updates


Well done to the NGPSA Rifle Shooters for Making the Teams

Good Luck and Congratulations to our NGPSA Members

representing South Africa at the World Rifle Shoot

Admin Officer Advert

COF for the Next Handgun League is up

The Results from the Weekends Rifle and Mini Rifle

Leagues at Vektor are up

3 Gun Tournament Information

The NGPSA Calendar is Updated

Steel Challenge Info Added

Supporter Shirts Update

NGPSA RO and Training RO Data Base is Updated

The Honour Roll is updated

NGPSA Fee Structure

The RO Data Base has been Updated

New Supporter Shirts


NGPSA Rifle Teams

for the upcoming Rifle Nationals.

We know that you will make us proud


Semi-auto Open 

1. Gerrit-Jan Bakker 

2. Esti Bender 

3. Theunus O'Kelly 

4. Gerhard Riekert 


Semi-auto Open Senior 

1. Christo van Zyl 

2. Francois Muller 

3. Axel Quabeck 

4. Adrian Rosslee 


Semi-auto Standard 

1. Wesley Visser 

2. Piet van Wyk 

3. Gary Meyer 

4. Martin de Wit 


Congratulations to the 3 members from Northern Gauteng that are going to the

Rifle World Shoot in Sweden, and newly received National Colours:

Gerrit-Jan Bakker 
Andrè du Toit 
Wesley Visser 


We are proud of you!


3 - 10 August 2019

Follow the Action at :


NGPSA is advertising for an

Administrator Officer


Please Click below for the advert


NGPSA Handgun League

20 / 21 July 2019



For the Registration Link:


For the COF


The Results from the weekends Rifle and Mini Rifle League

and the Handgun Logs are updated



This is the Registration for the

NGPSA Grand Tournament 2019


NB! If you do not register before the closing date 28 June 2019 @ 17h00,

Your scores for the component matches for the 2 Rifle, 2 Shotgun

and 2 Handgun matches will NOT be used for the NGPSA Grand Tournament.

The Selected matches for the NGPSA Grand Tournament will be:


Rifle 2 on 29 June Vektor

Shotgun 2 on 17 August Vektor

Handgun 7 on 24/25 August Magnum/SAPS/SBSC

Rifle 3 on 31 August Premier

Handgun 8 on 28/29 September Premier

Shotgun 3 on 26 October SOSC/NSN


NB! You will have to enter yourself for each component match!

The results will be updated automatically into the Grand Tournament.



2019 NGPSA Calendar


The NGPSA Calendar is updated


PMPSC Steel Challenges


Eeufees Shooting Range


The Steel Challenges will consists of 8 stages & minimum of 200 rounds.

This is an excellent measure of Speed and Accuracy

as you will only shoot on Steel Plates.

There are 3 Time slots available 9:00; 10:00 & 11:00,

so you can decide what time suits you best.

Entry fee R100 for visitors.

PCC, Pistol, Shotgun & Mini-Rifles are WELCOME!


The 2019 Dates are:


28 April 2019

26 May 2019

23 June 2019

11 August 2019

22 September 2019

27 October 2019

24 November 2019


Rules available here:


Supporter Shirts Update

Bos Ninja is live to order supporter shirts, please place your orders at


See attached proposed order, manufacturing & delivery plan for your info.



NGPSA RO and Training RO Data Base is Updated

Please all NGPSA RO's and Training RO's

Please check your details on the Updated

Spread Sheet.



We are very fortunate to have the following sponsors that are supporting NGPSA

(In Alphabetical Order)

Arms CC - No Web Site
Contact Number: 012 347 1917

Bernhard Agencies -
Contact Number: 011 440 1309


Hailstorm -
Contact Number: 012 348 2203

Hydrastay -
Contact Person: Johan Kemp 071 680 2704

JD Gates -
Contact Number: 073 941 2448

Contact Number: 012 998 3622

Vektor Shooting Club -
Contact Person:  Robyn Evans 082 579 6803

Please Support Them!



NGPSA Fee Structure

Below is a table that shows the NGPSA and SAPSA

Fee Structure for 2018


The RO Data Base is Updated



New Supporter Shirts

Take a look at the brand new design.


If you would like to order, please speak to your club,

and place your order.


Re-Licencing - Dedicated Sport Shooter Letter

If you are required to re-licence and need a letter

of your dedicated status as a sports shooter, please

contact your club Chairman. These letters will only

be issued through your club.



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