Northern Gauteng Practical Shooting Association


Please look at the Clubs affiliated to NGPSA

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Hartebeesportdam Practical Shooting Club (HPSC)

Contact : Albert van Herk at 082 452 8241 or


Krokodilspruit Tactical Shooting Club 


Contact : Armand van der Walt


Magnum United Shooting Club

Contact:  Adrian Rosslee at 079 883 1458 or


Premier Shooting Club


Contact:  Hubert Montgomer at 082 788 2241 or


Pretoria Military Practical Shooting Club

Contact: Wouter Meiring at 083 287 7073 or


Pretoria Police Practical Shooting Club

Contact: Albert Wessels at 083 754 1656 or


Safari & Outdoor Shooting Club

Contact: Cruy Cruywagen: 083 304 9901 or   


Skietbaan Shooting Club

Contact: Adriaan Marais at 083 276 3139 or


Smoking Barrels Shooting Club

Cobtact: Burnie Nawn at 082 788 9577 or