How to Join NGPSA

Northern Gauteng is the largest and most active Province in the country. All clubs affiliated to NGPSA present regular club competitions, with bi-monthly practical pistol leagues and regular 3 gun leagues.

Please contact the NGPSA Administrator who is:

Chené van der Merwe
079 070 0335

Contact the NGPSA Administrator
NGPSA is affiliated to South African Practical Shooting Association. SAPSA is an accredited sport shooting association with the SAPS and is thus able to offer its members Dedicated Sport Shooter status. This does, however, require active participation in line with SAPSA’S Policy.

To achieve Dedicated Sport Shooter status, in addition to belonging to a club, you must also be actively participating in competition at Club, Provincial or National level. To be classified as actively participating you must earn a minimum of 6 points during a 12 month period. You must be a member of NGPSA and SAPSA to qualify for these points.

The points are allocated as:

Club competition = 1 point
Provincial league = 2 points
National match = 3 points

Attending a competition in another Province, you still get the points for that competition. It is easy to keep a record of matches you have attended if you keep you points book up to date.

SAPSA must submit a list of all current members and their points for the year to CFR at the end of each year, this shows if the members have been active or not during the year.

Members must request their Dedicated Status letters from their Club Chairperson, who will then forward club points to the Provincial Chairperson, who in turn will then forward final points to the SAPSA Office. The member must have acquired six points to qualify for a Dedicated Status letter and these six points must be acquired during the current membership year. Previous shoots attended as a non-member do not count towards the yearly six points that are required.

Should member’s require their letter to be mailed per Registered Mail, then proof of payment to the amount of R20.00, must accompany the request, whereupon the letter will be mailed as per Registered Mail.

All requests for Dedicated Status letters must reach the SAPSA Office by no later than 12h00 on Thursdays. Any requests received after 12h00 on Thursday will be processed the following week.

Letters will be processed and posted on Fridays.

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