Handgun Results

Date: 30/01/2022 Description: NGPSA Handgun League – PMPSC Overall Results: 2022-01-30 NGPSA PMPSC Results Overall-cbdf8ca5 Overall Results by Region: 2022-01-30 NGPSA PMPSC Results by Region-058b6b53 Stage Results: 2022-01-30 NGPSA PMPSC Results Stages-db8ac49b By Category: 2022-01-30 NGPSA PMPSC Results by Category-242381a5

Handgun Log

Open Division: NGPSA Logs shotgun Open-1c3ad6e7 Standard Division Semi: NGPSA Logs shotgun Std Semi-3c4c9abd Standard Division Manual: NGPSA Logs shotgun Std Manual-a5bb1526 Shotgun Modified: NGPSA Logs shotgun MOD-e6afa7de

NGPSA Colours

Colours – Handgun: 2021-11-11 NGPSA Colours Handgun-a7ed8878 Colours – Rifle: 2021-11-11 NGPSA Colours Rifle-f433ae25 Colours – Shotgun: 2021-11-11 NGPSA Colours Shotgun-7caa9c5f Colours – PCC: 2021-11-11 NGPSA Colours PCC-6f0f1815

Rifle Log

Rifle Open Division: NGPSA Rifle Log Open-2eb6f20b Rifle Standard Division: NGPSA Rifle Log Std-8ae258f7 Rifle Open Manual Division: NGPSA Rifle Log Manual Open-e4904e57 Rifle Std Manual Division: NGPSA Rifle Log Manual Std-84b7c431

Handgun Log

Open Division: NGPSA_Handgun_Open_Log-ab845182 Standard Division: NGPSA_Handgun_Std_Log-b46462c8 Classic Division: NGPSA_Handgun_Classic_Log-4b5f2563 Production Division: NGPSA_Handgun_Prod_Log-d0efa3a6 Production Optics: NGPSA_Handgun_Prod_Optics_Log-b64b0e2f

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